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Tank Weighing
Model No.: ATW

Capacity: 500 kg to 10000 kg

Size: Standard

Application: Ideal for all type of Req. Tank Weighing Industry
Model Capacity Accuracy Plateform Type Plateform Size
ATW-500 500 Kg. 50 gm Assembly Only  
ATW-1000 1000 Kg. 100 gm Assembly Only  
ATW-2000 2000 Kg. 20 gm Assembly Only  
ATW-3000 3000 Kg. 50 gm Assembly Only  
ATW-5000 5000 Kg. 50 gm Assembly Only  
ATW-10000 10000 Kg. 100 gm Assembly Only  
  • Rugged construction Assembly.
  • Angle Setter Assembly for clear visibility.
  • 24-bit - ADC (High resolution).
  • Indications for A.C. On, Net/Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & count mode.
  • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery back-up.
  • Micro processor base technology.
  • Overload Protection.
  • Auto Power Saving Function.
  • Maintenance Free Product.
  • International Quality Load cell For High reliability and precision weighing.
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